Every day across the country thousands of automobile accidents occur. 

Thousands of people are trapped inside their vehicles. 

Some escape, but unfortunately some do not.

           Picture yourself trapped in one of those accidents.  A frontal or rear end crash that bends the frame so doors won't open; a more severe accident with your vehicle on its side or top, any of which can leave your seat belt with tension that locks its release.  Suddenly you smell gasoline fumes.  What if the gasoline ignites and causes unspeakable damage to you or your loved ones?  What if a skid or error leaves you in water, either submerged or with the passenger compartment filling?  What if a child is in the back seat either strapped in with the regular seat belt or into a carrier? Do you have:

(A) plenty of time to get out?
(B) minutes to get out?
(C) seconds to get out?

           The Breakout tool is designed for all three, but no tool is better when seconds count.  The Breakout clips to your visor where it can instantly be brought into action.  It breaks side windows, cuts seat belts, and lighted models will assist you in accomplishing this in the dark.  Its unique, ambidextrous design allows you to use either hand to help your escape.

           Models with lights and magnets can be used to assist you with tire changing, engine and trunk compartment chores - just attach the tool with its strong rare earth magnets to any base metal where it illuminates your chore.  Lighted models can be easily detached and used for emergency lighting in many applications, and while attached, flipping the visor down and turning the lights on can illuminate the immediate compartment area.

           You owe it to yourself and those you hold dear to carry a Breakout. 

Breakout, when seconds count.

Model - BK 505

Clips to your visor for fast acquisition!

(Model BK 505 Shown)

3 LED lights and 2 rare earth magnets allows for a hands free light source when you're having problems!

(Model BK 505 Shown)

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